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Herzlich willkommen am Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Angewandte Politische Ökonomie

Andrea Weber

Andrea Weber is Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim, Research Associate at the Center of Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London, Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Affiliate of the CESifo Research Network in Munich, and Research Consultant with the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) in Vienna.

Prior to joining University of Mannheim she was researcher at the RWI in Essen and visiting assistant professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Andrea Weber obtained her Ph.D. from the Technical University of Vienna and a habilitation degree at the University of Linz.







Lehrstuhl für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Angewandte Politische Ökonomie
Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber
Abteilung Volkswirtschaftslehre
Universität Mannheim

L7,3-5, room 4.20
68131 Mannheim

Phone: +49-621-181-1928
email: a.weber (at) uni-mannheim.de


Gabriele Zorell , L7, 3-5, room 4.01

Phone: +49-621-181-3079
email: g.zorell (at) uni-mannheim.de